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Galaxy S4 Zoom to feature 10x optical zoom [Rumors]

A recent leak from Sam Mobile suggested that Samsung was working on a high end device with a powerful camera. The device called as Galaxy S4 Zoom is said to feature a 16MP camera. Now, new information from a website known as suggests that the device would also feature 10x optical zoom. This would explain why the device is called the S4 ‘Zoom’ as we have seen no other Smartphone boast of such high power zoom.

galaxy s4 zoom

The device sounds pretty much like the Galaxy Camera released (16MP with 21x zoom) last year by the South Korean company, but there is a thin line of difference between the two. Although the device will boast the same amount of megapixel as the galaxy camera, the S4 zoom is much thinner than the former, infact it looks something like the rumored galaxy S4 Mini.

Now, looking like the S4 mini isn’t a problem, but if the specs are just as sad as previous version (S3 Mini), then we’ll be disappointed for sure. Samsung has used the galaxy S tag to many devices, given that it is one of the most successful lineup ever built by the company. We have seen devices like S3 mini which bears the S tag, however the specs are nothing compared to the original S3. But people still go ahead and buy it as it is one of the devices from the galaxy s lineup. Although, initial leaks from Sam Mobile state that the device is pretty mid range, we would like to see some of the features of S4 on the device.

The specs of the device are explained in short:

  • 16MP camera with 10x zoom.
  • 4.3 inch super amoled display with a resolution of 960×540.
  • 8 GB internal storage with expandable storage option via MicroSD card upto 64GB.
  • Android Jellybean OS with Touch wiz UI.
  • Connectivity features like Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ and A GPS.
  • No details on the processor or the RAM are available.

Given that we have got rumors of powerful camera phones from Sony (Xperia i1) and Google (next Nexus), it was only a matter of time when Samsung joined the party. Moreover, analysts at predict that Samsung would release the device as early as this month. According to the website, Samsung would release the device sometime later this month along with its other android models.

Well, if Samsung manages to release it this month itself, it would get a clear advantage over others and there is a high chance that people would actually start liking the device. We have seen phones like Nokia pureview 808 which boasted of a powerful 41MP sensor fare not so well in the market. But that was Symbian, the slow and old OS from Nokia.

Now, when you combine the high image capturing sensor and the world’s best mobile operating system, that adds up to a different story. Galaxy S4 Zoom tries to do something in the same lines and we are as excited as you are. But we would have to wait for a few more leaks to get full details on the device.

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