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Galaxy Mega 6.3 Will release in July According to UK Retailer Clove


Samsung has recently been working on the new Galaxy Mega, a huge 6.3 inch phablet that is for those that feel that the Galaxy Note 2 just isn’t big enough. Currently official availability and pricing information hasn’t been released, but according to Clove, a UK mobile retailer, the Galaxy Mega 6.3 has an expected release date this July.

Clove has written on their blog about the smartphone and has also included a pre-order page for the phone.

This isn’t the first time that Clove has gotten too excited ahead of a smartphone release and gone and put up their availability information ahead of everybody else.

Whilst Clove didn’t give a solid release date, they did reveal pricing, so it’s likely that Samsung have already been in touch about stock and availability.

A 16GB Galaxy Mega will cost £459.99 including VAT and will come in both Black and White variants. No information has been given on 32GB or 64GB versions, but by judging other Galaxy handsets, they will be available.

£459.99 roughly translates to just under $700, and although this sounds about right for the 6.3 inch behemoth, pricing options may be different for the States.

The Galaxy Mega will include a 720p display which for the size of the screen is understandable, but inside the phone includes a strange 1.5GB RAM and a slightly underperforming 1.7GHz dual core Krait processor.

Would you sacrifice some of the hardware specifications for a larger screen? Is a 6.3 inch screen even needed at all? Let us know what you think.

Source [Clove]


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