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Future iPhones Could Feature Invisible Buttons, Sliders



Invisible Button for the iPhone

Things keep on changing in the telecom industry. Every time a new Smartphone is launched, it has something new to offer. Apple’s iPhone has been one of those phones which people can never get bored of. Because when they do, the company launches another version, with even better features. iPhone 5 did not manage to excite many people.

Mainly because it wasn’t much different from the regular iPhone 4S except its new design. But the expected iPhone 6 (believed to be launched in 2014)  has got to have something new and it is believed that it will have ‘invisible buttons’.

An overview of the iPhone 6

There was a rumour that the iPhone 6, which will have a 4.5 inch screen will not have a visible home button. Some images show that the button will not be there when not needed. However, whenever users feel the need of it, it will appear. So basically the button will actually blend into the polycarbonate body of the phone when not in use.

The button will be of the same material as the phone. Well, such a thing can be expected from Apple however experts argue that if the company is going to do anything with the home button, it’s just going to be made a little thinner.

Invisible buttons for laptops and gaming consoles

The most amazing thing to hear is that experts believe that this function of the invisible button will not only be restricted to mobile phones but laptops and gaming consoles might feature them aswell. And just like the iPhone, they will disappear when not in use.

For example, when a USB Flash Drive or any media device is inserted into a laptop, the touch control buttons will appear to help users decide what they want to do with the flash disk and then disappear once decided.

The iPhone currently accounts for more than half of Apple’s revenues and with such amazing features, the revenues are expected to increase even further.


Source: Ubergizmo

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