Fullscreen BEAM app for Google Glass helps share videos

Fullscreen BEAM logo

If you have a Google Glass Explorer Edition with you, there is no doubt you would be recording a lot of videos. And if you want to make them public, you need to upload them to YouTube. Now, Fullscreen Labs has come up with a very nice Google Glass app which will let you share your videos to your YouTube account very easily. The app is called Fullscreen BEAM.

You need to sign up for the service at beam.fullscreen.net. Once this is done, you need to associate your Google Glass with this account. You can set up your Twitter account with this so that you can automatically tweet the link to your video once it is uploaded to YouTube.

You also have the option to make your videos private when they are uploaded so that you can review them online at a later time before making them public. For more info, watch the video below.

Source: Talk Android