Foxconn And Mozilla To Unveil New Firefox OS Device On June 3

The latest partner of Mozilla in making Firefox OS devices is none other than Foxconn. The company which is popularly known for making Apple devices is set to unveil this coming June 3 a new Firefox powered device which is also the date when its partnership with Mozilla becomes official.

A press conference is being scheduled on June 3 in Taipei to officially welcome Foxconn as one of the companies to join Mozilla in developing Firefox OS devices. While few details are provided about the event there’s a hint that one or more Firefox powered devices will be presented.

An even slim possibility is the chance that a tablet using Firefox is going to be announced during the press conference but this is still purely speculation. We will get solid information about this once the event starts.

As of now the only device using Mozilla’s OS that is readily available in the market is Geeksphone’s Keon. Other manufacturers such as ZTE, Huawei, LG and Alcatel have also announced their upcoming models on this platform which will be launched early next year.

The Firefox operating system is an open source Linux based OS designed to be used on smartphones and tablets. Its main feature is that it allows HTML 5 apps to directly communicate with the hardware using JavaScript and web APIs.

Right now from what we are seeing it seems that Firefox OS devices are targeting the low end market. So far the devices that have been announced don’t come with high end specs but this may change down the line. It’s a good idea that the target is the low end budget market since there are only a few good models in this area and the Firefox powered devices will definitely become one of the best in this area.

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