Flickr goes Down Four Days after a Major Revamp


Yahoo have been very busy lately with them acquiring Tumblr and revamping their business model, but just four days after they unveiled a Flickr revamp the service went down for some users. The official Flickr Twitter account tweeted “Experiencing slowness or having trouble accessing the site? We’re on it, and are working to fix the issue as quickly as possible. #badpanda“.

At least we know that the Yahoo have their priorities in order, the service is patchy at the moment; while some users are not experiencing any problems other have not been able to access the service for hours.

The Flickr update added a new interface with large, high resolution photos, the update aligns up with the recent update with the iOS and Android apps. Yahoo have release some figure that say the updated iOS app has gained 25 percent more uploads to the site. With the new update to the site Flickr has increased each users photo upload quto to 1terabyte, that is a lot of storage for it’s 89 million users.

The new update ties both there mobile experience with their desktop experience together, this update may attract the more hardcore instagram users who like the idea of having 1TB waiting for them on Flickr to store all of their photos.

Source – TechCrunch

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