Fewer People are Pirating ‘Arrested Developments’ since Netflix is so Cheap


The now Netflix owned and produced series “Arrested Development” has not been pirated as much as the authorities had thought, only one hundred thousand people illegally downloaded the show’s season four in the first fourteen hours of the show appearing on Netflix. This is thought to be because Netflix is now so cheap and easy to access it is a better way to access content then illegally acquiring it.

The numbers of illegal downloads of Arrested Development are far lower than those of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Dexter; this is possibly due to the fact that release is often staggered between countries. For instance it is months before a new episode of Game of Thrones will reach Australia, this is why illegal downloads are so high. Since Arrested Development readily available via Netflix in any country that the service is operating in.

Some networks have tried to combat the piracy by releasing their own service such as HBO’s Go streaming service, this allows people that subscribe to HBO to have access to all of the content that they are streaming. However with Netflix you are not limited to just one network you have a wide array of TV shows and Movies from many different providers and even Netflix own content.

Source: HuffingtonPost

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