Ex Groupon CEO releasing an Album of Motivational Music

Hardly Workin

There been a lot of news about various companies getting into the music business lately but ex CEO of Groupon Andrew Mason is taking it to the next level, by release and album himself. The album will be full of motivational music for you prospective CEO’s, three months ago Mason was fired from the online coupon site and now he is about to release his album titles ‘Hardly Workin’.

Who the Album is Aimed at

While at Groupon Mason managed 12,000 people with most of them below the age of twenty five, after his time at Groupon was up he took the observation of the little basic business wisdom most of the staff had. He has applied those observation and seeks to correct them through his seven song album. Andrew Mason has said that it is not a publicity stunt, he has been quoted saying that he left Groupon of his own accord to spend more time with his family.

Mason did major in music so he is no stranger to the industry, he said “the album is targeted at people newly entering the workforce; these songs will understand some of the ideas that i’ve found to be a key part of becoming a productive employee”. The album will be up for purchase on the iTunes store in the next few weeks so for all of you people out there just about to join a workforce look out for it.

The album isn’t about to break any records when it finally does hit iTunes but it should sell a few copies just out of interest. It is a very strange career change from the CEO of a huge internet company to a one man musical act. There have been other CEO’s that have done stranger things, after they step down or are fired from their position.

Source – TechCrunch