ESPN and Twitter Announce They are Going to Partner Up

Twitter Photo Filters Twiiter and ESPN have plans to announce their upcoming partnership that will allow the social network to tweet out video clips of major sporting events such as the SuperBowl ect. They will be selling ads around those clips, this is a mutually beneficial partnership that will open up a new channel of revenue for Twitter and increase ESPN’s presence online.

Twitter has already collaborated with other broadcasters for instance Snappy TV a fairly recent startup and the likes of Turner Broadcasting, these two collaborations will allow Twitter to tweet clips of college basketball. There is no surprise that these two partnerships as well will have ads around them yet bringing in more revenue for the hugely popular social network.

More Updates and More Partners

Twitter has announced some major updates are on the cards for instance more types of content to appear in tweets, vines and other media show up in tweets now there is room for improvement such as live streams showing up in tweets. This will increase the amount of time the users stay on the service whether it be on their phones or on the full website.

Twitters has transformed into a media company selling ads around the media that they already display via their users tweeting and sharing videos and pictures, they have partnered up with various television outlets and they have their own music and video services in the form of Vine and Twitter music (#Music).

There have been more rumoured partnerships with a variety of other broadcasters, NBC is one of the companies rumoured to be in talks with Twitter, this marks a definite move in social media to incorporate traditional media into the new media. All of the content that will be available to their users via there newsfeed now will make their feeds more either clogged up with video that they just don’t want to see or this will engage their users even more.

Possible IPO

Twitter is getting everyone talking about them and there is no better way to do that than making partnerships with the broadcasters, there is speculations that the social network is going to float on the stock market soon. It would make sense since in the past few months they have came out with many more products and channels of revenue.

Could a Twitter IPO end up like Facebook and end up with a low twenty dollars per share, only time will tell whether it is a massive success on the stock market or just another Facebook.

Source – Gigaom