Dreamworks acquires Awesomeness TV, a teen YouTube channel for $33 million

In a first of its kind deal, Dreamworks has reportedly acquired Awesomeness TV, a famous YouTube channel for teens. The acquisition from Dreamworks is particularly unique as it is the first time that a large media company has acquired a YouTube channel.


Youtube is one of the best video sharing websites in the world and when we compare the stats, no other competitors are even close even to the number of daily views and video uploads made on the website. There are many channels on the website which have quite a large fan base and Awesomeness TV is one such youtube channel. In fact the channel can be said to be one of the most subscribed channels for teens. The channel has over 14 million subscribers and 800 million channel views as of now.

As the channel is a hit among teens on YouTube, the acquisition could prove beneficial to the media company. Officially, DreamWorks has acquired Awesomeness TV for $33 million, but if the channel CEO, Brian Robbins achieve the expected target earnings for 2014 and 2015, the deal could even rise up to $117 million by 2015.

“Awesomeness TV is one of the fastest growing content channels on the internet today and our acquisition of this groundbreaking venture will bring incredible momentum to our digital strategy,” said DreamWorks Animation Chief Executive Officer, Jeffrey Katzenberg. “Brian Robbins has an extraordinary track record in creating family content both for traditional and new platforms and his expertise in the TV arena will be invaluable as we grow our presence in that space.”

The best part of the deal is that DreamWorks is in fact looking forward to bring Robbins into their team. Although Robbins would continue working on the Awesomeness TV channel, he would also be busy working on a dedicated digital family channel for the company. Given that he would have access to the vast resources and the technology of the company, we are sure that we would see something great forming out of the deal.

Till now we could only imagine such big companies having interest in emerging youtube channels, but could this mark the beginning of a new era in online digital market?

via AllThingsD