Dell’s Project Ophelia USB Android Stick To Ship In July For $100

Back in CES 2013 in January Dell introduced a new concept device that allows any TV or monitor to become a fully functional computer with the use of a thumb drive. The device which is called Project Ophelia will start shipping this July for $100.

According to Jeff McNaught, executive director of cloud client computing at Dell, Project Ophelia will turn any screen or display into a PC, gaming machine or even a TC set-top box. The device will allow downloading of apps, movies and TV shows straight from Google Play. Playing games and watching movie streaming from Hulu or Netflix is possible.

This device will be offered first to developers giving them a chance to write Android apps for it. It will then be available to television or cable companies who may want to offer it to their customers. Individual customers will be able to buy the device directly from Dell after that.

Project Ophelia comes bundled with Dell’s Wyse PocketCloud that allows you to remotely access another computer. It comes with MHL support and will have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

As of this writing it is still not know what Android version it will use, its processor type and the amount of RAM it will have.

Some of the benefits of using Project Ophelia are

  • Enables instant and secure access to your personal cloud, entertainment, work content and applications wherever there is an available capable display (using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse), including a wide variety of Dell flat-panel displays.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilitates access and communication.
  • Built on the Android 4 OS to support Web browsing, social networking, media playback and Android Apps with a possibility to extend to other services.
  • Securely connects to Windows desktops and applications running on back-end systems from all leading
  • infrastructure providers including Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.
  • Flexibly powered zero-battery device gets power from the attached display monitor via its MHL interface to the monitor’s MHL port, or separately via its own USB interface. No batteries to charge or change.
  • Remembers settings for each individual to enhance usability.
  • Compatible with many existing Dell Wyse thin clients and software products.
  • Managed by Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager software-as-a-service (SaaS) which can ensure the device is being used by the appropriate person with the right permissions and access to apps and content based on role, department, and location.

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