Dell Acquires Enstratius a Cloud Management Startup

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Dell has added another acquisition to the score board in the acquisition of cloud management startup Enstratius. The acquisition of Enstratius allows Dell to offer another way of end to end cloud solutions, enterprise solutions are a larger proportion of Dell’s business since they are trying to move away from consumer goods and become more like IBM.


Enstratius was founded in 2008 and it offers single and multiple cloud management abilities, the startup manages the applications of their service across private, public and hybrid cloud systems. Enstratius offers a wide range of features with its system such as; automated application provisioning and scaling, usage governance as well as cloud utilization monitoring.

The cloud management startup supports more than twenty public and private cloud platforms, which include OpenStack, VMware, Rackspace and Amazon Web Services it is also very easy to add new clouds to the system incase you need space to grow. The company is considered to be one of the most innovative startups in the market and it shows, Dell doesn’t just go around buy up startup just for fun.

Dell making a break for Cloud Computing 

Dell acquiring Enstratius illustrates the fact that Dell is making a major push into it’s cloud approach, last year Project Fast PaaS was launched by Dell with was part of Dell Cloud Labs. It was one of Dell’s initiatives to build a better public cloud, it was and open source solution that was compatible with multiple coding languages.

Even though Dell servers seem to be doing very well in the enterprise market they are making a software grab as well, I assume that they are trying to offer the best hardware and software package for your cloud management and server needs.

Dell has made some similar acquisitions to Enstratius such as Quest Software and Gale Technologies, this just reinforces the idea that Dell is going to make a huge dent into the cloud computing market. They have the hardware and the software side of things now so all they need to do is to make them work together in a way that delivers the best results over other services.

Source – TechCrunch