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CyanogenMod 10.1 arrives for T-Mobile’s Galaxy S 4


CyanogenMod, an aftermarket firmware has remained very active in the Smartphone industry for over a long time now. It is meant for a number of cell phones based on the Android operating system. The good thing about CyanogenMod is that it gives the users of Smartphones those features which the OS of their phones fail to provide.

The latest news about the CyanogenMod is that it is already up and infact it is running on none other but the latest phone launched by Samsung, the Galaxy S4. With the help of Steve Kondik, the Galaxy S4 now features CyanogenMod 10.1. It is important to notice however that the release is for T-mobile’s Galaxy S4 only. However, the company has assured us that it will soon be launching the 10.1 for other variants as well  So for the time being, T mobile’s customers will enjoy the much awaited CM on the S4.

The screenshot of how the appearance of the 10.1 will be on the S4 was also disclosed a while ago on Steve’s Google+ page. The image shows CM running on Android Jellybean 4.2.2. There was a rumour earlier in the year that the S4 might not feature the 10.1 CM and that the crew of CM were not really interested in producing one for S4. But that rumor has been turned down after the announcement of the 10.1 for the S4.

Confusion arose amongst people when Steve delivered a few statements. First he claimed that it will definitely not support the S4, but then he said that it did. However, the former statement was given with a smiling gesture which clearly indicated that he might be joking.

The CyanogenMod is available for many phones depending on the version of the Android users are using. It also features in the Kindle Fire tablet produced by Amazon and Acer A700 tablet. 


Source: Engadget

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