Chris Ovitz Viddy Co-Founder Joins Scopely


Chris Ovitz the co-founder of Viddy the social video sharing site, recently Chris has just acquired the mobile gaming platform startup Scopely. Viddy’s popularity increased exponentially only to come down with a bang on Facebook and iOS charts. Ovitz used to be the head of Viddy’s business development sector at the startup.

Ovitz Scopely will become the vice president of business development, apparently he will primarily deal with third party game makers and to grow the business. Scopely is a popular platform with many tens of millions of monthly active users.

Viddy’s Success

Viddy was elevated to the top of the of the app charts last year, after the buzz of Instagram’s massive success in the billion dollar buyout by Facebook the short video-sharing app managed to raise $30 million on a round of funding and $370 million valuation. Viddy was the Vine of its day but I don’t think that it would of held up well against the Twitter owned app.

It seems that Chris Ovitz has gotten out of Viddy just at the right time since recently the company has had to layoffs, also co-founder /CEO of Scopely Brett O’Brien left the company. Scopely has received $8.5 million in funding from firms and individual investors that include; NEA, Anthem Venture Partners, Yahoo’s former CEO Terry Semel, Buddy Media CEO Michael Lazerow as well as David Cohen and David Tisch.

Ovitz Joining the Scopely Team 

Chris Ovitz seems to be a perfect fit for Scopely, CEO of the mobile gaming start up has been quoted to of said “I’ve had the privilege of watching his entrepreneurial career, honestly, I never thought we’d have a chance to join forces, but we recently started having casual conversations about his future and thought there might be a potential fit.”

Even though Scopely is smaller than its competition from companies such as Zynga, but the company has success in getting all of their games in the top five of the iOS stores free apps section.

Source – TechCrunch

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