Cheaper iPhone 5 to be Released by Apple Confirmed [rumor]

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Sources for ETradeSupply has confirmed that Apple will be releasing the rumored discounted version of the iPhone 5.  Rumor has it that Apple plans to cut the cost of the iPhone 5 by using cheaper materials, such as a translucent polycarbonate case you would find on the iMac G3.  It would also come with a smaller 4-inch LTPS LCD screen and A6 dual-core processor. has a mock up of how it could look (shown above).

The discounted iPhone 5 should be sold in the range of $350 to $400 without contract, compared to $650 for the regular iPhone 5.

If you are wondering the credibility of the source, ETradeSupply is located in China, presumably has connections inside Foxconn.  They also claimed to have leaked the first images of the iPhone 5 a year ago, and also leaked the first images of the Blackberry Z10 parts about three months back.

Ever since the passing of Steve Jobs,  Apple has been desperately looking to get its edge back.  But instead of announcing new products, such as the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6, to grow their revenue and appease the investors, the latest news coming out of Apple actually has them adding debt onto their balance sheet.

Do you agree with Tim Cook’s decision to make a cheaper version of the iPhone 5?

Source: ETradeSupply