Cheaper BlackBerry R10 Coming Your Way

Leaked Instagram photo of the rumored BlackBerry R10. [Photo Source: TechRadar]
Leaked Instagram photo of the rumored BlackBerry R10. [Photo Source: TechRadar]
There have been variants of the BlackBerry R10 that have been making rounds in social networking recently. Before the much recent black version came a cherry-colored one with QWERTY or physical keys.

According to TechRadar, the photo above came from an Instagram user over the weekend. It should be noted that the device is a bit similar to the BlackBerry Q10 but a closer inspection would reveal that it is a much cheaper version.

The leak is supposedly a follow-up to a similar post which made its rounds last month said the same source. During that time, the BlackBerry smartphone which was revealed is coated in white.

Reports from TechRadar and MobileSyrup suggest that it would be priced around $300 to $400. It may not be very affordable based on the standards of some people but the cost is definitely much lower than the newly released BlackBerry Z10 and its look-a-like version, the BlackBerry Q10.

Among the rumored specs of the device, which were exposed by MobileSyrup, are its 3.1 inch display with 720 by 720 resolution and 5-megapixel camera. Then, it will have 2GB RAM and 8GB internal memory which can be enhanced via MicroSD card. Lastly, it will have a 1800mAh non-removable battery with a BlackBerry 10.1 OS.

BlackBerry revealed, much to the appreciation of its fanbase, that they are presently working on more phones that could cater to the different sectors of the market. Thus, this is an indication that more budget-friendly smartphones will be released, TechRadar added.

Official Announcement

TechRadar further said that the official announcement of the BlackBerry R10 will be made at the BlackBerry Live Expo in Orlando, Florida sometime this May. The company is said to debut its second-generation handsets during the event.

There has been no official confirmation yet about the exact date of the unveiling, but more will be revealed as we get more leaks from insiders.

Source: TechRadar and MobileSyrup