Call of Duty: Ghosts will take advantage of Xbox One graphics horsepower

Call of Duty: Ghosts was shown off at the end of the Xbox Event and Activision made a big meal of the time they had, showing the new engine, delving into the power of a good story and showing the dynamic maps created in multiplayer.

One of the best things Activision announced was the new engine, since Call of Duty 4 the company has kept the same engine for all their Call of Duty games and this meant no dynamic maps or powerful animation.

Activision have went into a lot of depth about the design and improvements of the engine, they have even made sure the fish swim out of the way when the user brushes past them underwater.

We expect Call of Duty: Ghosts will be at E3 with a huge new feature roll, this is only the beginning of the hype for a blockbuster November launch, with the two next generation consoles coming at the same time.

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