BlueStacks Takes on Ouya in the Sub $100 Console Wars

BlueStack GamePop

BlueStacks is a startup that has been bringing Android apps to Mac and PC has announced that it has passed the 10 million user milestone, since Ouya has gained much ground via the crowd funding website Kickstarter BlueStacks is retaliating to show that they are the top dogs in this space.

BlueStacks has brought more than 750 thousand Android apps to Mac, PC and TV’s along with its own games console coupled with a subscription service. BlueStacks are offering a package called ‘GamePop’ which is $6.99 per month for the service for this you get; a custom console and controller for free. The free console is only available until the end of May when the offer ends, after then BlueStacks plan to add pricing options to the console.

Limited Time Only

If you’re the kind of gamer that wouldn’t mind trying out Android as a gaming medium then this packages is definitely value for money, you can pre-order the GamePop package right now; you better hurry though this deal ends in may. The consoles of the other hand don’t ship till this winter so it’s a nice christmas present for all of you early shoppers.

Since this console is fairly new they expect it to be popping up in stores next year. Hot on the heels of Ouya’s success. BlueStacks revealed the service along with the console at the game developers conference (GDC), this allowed developers to take a look at the specs and the SDK for the service. The design is of the console is much like the Boxee box made by D-Link, they console has been valuated at under $100 around about the same as the Ouya.

Developers and Partnerships

Unlike BlueStacks model, Ouya will sell you the console for $99 and they say all of there games will be free to try. Ouya has had more than 12,00 developers sign up to develop for the platform, 4,000 have signed up in the last two months. Ouya has also went through the conventional distribution routes of the game stores and the supermarkets like BestBuy and Gamestop; where as BlueStacks are yet to make those links for distribution.

BlueStack announced there GamePop service along side their App Player software for devices running Windows 8 back in February, this means that BlueStacks software will be preloaded onto over 100 million devices. The 100 million devices is down to BlueStacks partnerships with AMD, Asus and Lenovo.

Source – TechCrunch