Blockbusters new iOS app Launches Today

Blockbustersmall Blockbuster video DVD store. Image shot 2010. Exact date unknown. Blockbuster

Today Blockbusters have unveiled their new iOS app, this service allows customers that are still subscribed to Blockbusters traditional disc rental service to manage their rentals on your iOS device. There are many new features with this app including the ability to check availability of certain discs in your local Blockbuster store.

This iOS app has a very specific audience since most people who want to watch a movie at home without downloading or buying a movie stream them via Netflix ect. Blockbusters has retaliated against Netflix by launching their own on demand iOS app which was launched earlier this month; this app allows you to stream rentals to your iOS devices. Blockbusters have covered all bases with these two apps that allow you stream to your devices and manage your physical rentals.

This new app has a digital membership card section so you’ll never have to worry if you have forgotten it as long as you have your phone and the app installed your all set. Also this app supports movie trailers so you can preview before you decide to add the movie to your queue, the app with all of these features is ready to download in the Apple app store now.

Source – CultofMac

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