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BlackBerry Q10 now comes in gold


bbBlackberry has launched some amazing new phones like Z10 and Q10. The Q10 is said to be even more popular than its previous version as it has a QWERTY keyboard, something that attracts Blackberry users a lot. Well, as if the Q10 wasn’t expensive enough, a new version of the same phone is coming up with the same features but the difference is that the latter version will be mounted with Gold.

The body of the Q10 will have 24 carats of Gold bezel. Not only this, but it is said that the phone will not be placed in a regular box but infact it will have a special box with a special design and finish. It is expected that the box would be wooden. It has been produced by Goldgenie.

Goldgenie, the luxury brand giving luxury looks to phones since a long time, will also be producing a gold plated Blackberry Porsche, a phone that is already very expensive. Before, the company had also produced an iPhone 5 in  White Gold.

This exclusive design of the Q10 will be made available very soon for  £1597 ($2,478) . Compared to this, the regular Q10, which is currently selling in Black color only will be selling for just £534. So the price will almost be tripled.

The Porsche model will be selling for £4397. These exclusive models of the Blackberry are expected to be launched at one of the World’s largest malls, Dubai Mall at the Collector’s Palace. So the Arab’s will be probably the first ones to get hold of the exclusive version.

The Q10, which will soon be available in white color aswell has the following features; It has a 16 GB memory and also has the expansion option through a microSD card and a 2GB Ram, similar to that of the latest phones of its kind. It has LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth, NFC, USB and a chipset of TI OMAP 4470.

The OS that will run on the Q10 is the latest Blackberry OS 10. It has a dual core processor of 1.5 GHz. The back camera is 8 megapixels which has a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels.


Source: Ubergizmo


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