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BlackBerry OS 10.1 update seeding now

bbBlackberry just recently launched its new series known as the Z10. The phone became very popular as it features a large sized high resolution screen and the latest OS from Blackberry. The company is about to launch another phone in the same series, Q10.

It must be noted that although there has been no official news about the features of the new update but we will talk about what was expected.

Customers and user were facing some problems regarding the new OS of Blackberry. But the Canadian company seems to have taken care of the bugs and errors and has provided the option of a software update which will improve many things. It is believed that the software update will require a memory of about 1GB. Currently however, the software update is available in the Philippines only.

We do not know when this will be available for Z10 users elsewhere. But keep your fingers crossed! Blackberry is planning to go global very soon. Some users have also pointed out that the Blackberry update is available in India as well.

The new version is the and as told before it will require an exact memory of 1015MB. The main point of this update was to bring improvements to the current OS of Blackberry. It is expected that these improvements will be in


  • HDR (by bringing in the feature of HDR stills
  • An improved Blackberry World Store. The number of applications might be increased and some changes in the existing applications are also expected.
  • Moreover, changes or improvements are expected in PIN-PIN messaging and improved APN edition.

Blackberry users have always remained very loyal to the company. The services that the Canadian company provides are not comparable to any other company in the telecom industry. The target market of Blackberry’s has always been business people.


Source: Gsmarena

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