BlackBerry Announce BBM is coming to Android and iOS in the Summer

BlackBerry Live

BlackBerry has announced that their popular messaging service BBM will break the shackles and will become a cross platform messaging service. The timing is a little later than the rumours had indicated but non the less this will be an interesting move for the mobile company, since the hit app Whatsapp is dominating the messaging space.

BlackBerry Live was the  chosen event for the company to announce the move into cross platform messaging, BBM was the reason some loyal BlackBerry users refused to switch to other platforms such as iOS or Android.

What it Will Run On and the Cost

When the app does launch on iOS and Android the app will be completely free and will allow the few faithful to move to other platforms without feeling that they’re missing out on all of the BBM fun.

Out of the gate BBM will support Android phones running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and higher or iOS devices running iOS 6 and higher, since the seventh iteration of the software is upon us. At first the service will offer messaging and group chat, but BlackBerry has indicated that they will be adding new features and service as time goes on.

New BBM Features 

The fabled features and services include; BBM Voice, BBM Video, screen-sharing and a new one that BlackBerry announced just today being BBM Channels. The sheer amount of future features is something that will entice many users in at the start, other platforms will have to step their game up if they want to stay in the game.

The app will also recapture all of the users that left BlackBerry for Android and iOS devices, they will be able to reconnect with their old BBM contacts. This may even compete with service indigenous to the phone such as iMessage, we all know how much BlackBerry users loved the BBM feature on their phones.

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