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Avast a consumer antivirus maker has just acquires the Facebook-focuesd security startup in a move to widen there reach both to the online users and the users that just worry about their immediate systems. was launched to the public in November of 2011 as a way that parents could see their children’s Facebook activity this would help cut down the amount of cyber bullying and prevent the children from spending way too much time on farmville.

What does do

The parents in this situation would be able to monitor their children’s wall posts, incoming messages so they wouldn’t mix with the wrong crowd and status updates; this would prevent the youngsters from posting things their parents wouldn’t want disclosed.

Other features of include photo recognition that looks for certain individuals e.g. son(s) or daughter(s) in photos posted on walls and such the parents are then notified about them. Also the service can search for terms that maybe found in statuses or comments the parent or guardian is then notified about the use of this term and directed to where it can be found. has an app launched app advisor last year which was a program to protect all Facebook users and was not just targeted for the protection of children, this app would allow users of all ages to be protected from third party apps mining for your personal data.

The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed, but I think that Avast will merge into the brand and continue to run the service but rebranded with some new features and possibly a total redesign.

The acquisition means that Avast will move in to the spotlight and lock horns with the big players in the antivirus game, they will also bring something to the tablet that other companies are yet to offer and that is data protection on larger social networks such as Facebook.

This sets them aside from the competition, it is a sad fact that Facebook’s own level of security isn’t sufficient enough to protect us from third party’s who want to collect our data.

Source – VentureBeat

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