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AT&T Releasing 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4 on May 10th For $249.99

at&t galaxy s4 32gb tweet
The much anticipated 32 GB version of the Galaxy S4 has been announced.  AT&T beat the rest of the carriers to the punch.  Considering Verizon has not even released the 16 GB version the Galaxy S4, AT&T off to a great start in this smartphone release frenzy.

AT&T will offer the 32GB model of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on May 10th for $249.99, only $50 more than the 16GB version.  The news was announced on AT&T’s twitter account this afternoon.  No details were provided on whether the 32GB will be available at the online store or retails stores.

AT&T’s timing could not have been better. Galaxy S4 users had been complaining recently about the lack of available internal storage space, prompting Samsung to send a short response to CNET to take advance of the microSD slot for additional space.

Source: @ATT   via: gsmarena

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