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Apple’s iPhone sales tactics in Europe under scanner of the European Commission

Large companies like Apple and Samsung are known to use aggressive sales tactics to promote their Smartphone sales. However, most of the times, these practices go unnoticed. But Apple was not so lucky this time around as a number of European carriers have complained to the commission privately of the unfair practices of the company.


In this regard, the European commission is reportedly investigating the sales practices of the company to check whether Apple is using anti competitive sales tactics. The focus of the investigation is the company’s distribution terms which may prevent competitors like Samsung strike profitable deals with the carriers.

According to the financial times, if this investigation proves that Apple is using such unfair tactics, then the company will be in trouble as it might constitute an infringement of antitrust laws.

Although an official probe is not yet initiated, FT tried to investigate the matter by sending questionnaires to several European carriers. The questionnaire asked for some details of Apple’s sales terms like whether the terms guaranteed Apple better sales terms or favorable subsidies as compared to rivals and whether the companies forced them to buy a minimum number of iPhones etc.

According to FT, “There are also indications that certain technical functions are disabled on certain Apple products in certain countries in the EU/EEA.”

Well, if such practices are indeed followed by the company, European commission would surely intervene.

Apple denies of any such tactics and claims that their terms comply with all the EU laws.

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