Apple Supplier Pegatron to hire more workers, Fuels Speculation About A Cheaper iPhone


A few weeks back, there was a rumor that Apple will be producing a low cost iPhone next year mainly for its low income Smartphone users.  Now rumors are rampant about an Apple supplier called Pegatron and its plan to increase the number of workers employees in China. This increase will be massive; there will be about 40% more workers in the second half of the year.

One thing is for sure that Apple is planning to launch something new.And what is expected is that it will probably be focusing on producing a low cost iPhone basically for the Chinese and Indian markets.

Many experts believe that production of a low cost iPhone will affect the revenues from iPhone 5 negatively but still, Apple might be able to increase their market share by selling large amounts of the new cheaper iPhones.

Although we are sure of the exact date as to when this iPhone would be launched but we expect it to be released by the 3rd quarter.

How this phone will affect the revenues of Apple

This version of iPhone will enable Apple to compete with other Android phones in similar price ranges. We will have to wait and see to learn how this phone will affect the revenues of Apple, which have taken a significant drop over the last couple of years, mainly because of the decrease in demand of the iPad mini.

Whereas some people like Katy Huberty expect a massive increase in Apple’s revenues others believe that it will not have any significant effect.


Source: Techcrunch