Apple Sell 100 Million iPod Touches So Far

IPod touch
After six years of Apple selling the iPod touch it has finally sold 100 million units, the device first went on sale in 2007, they have transformed the MP3 player market completely since 2001 when they introduced the first generation iPod. Apple has been estimated to have sold 350 million devices since 2001. On Thursday Apple unveiled their latest update to the iPod touch line, the specs are more or less the same without a rear facing camera, only available in two colours and has 16GB of storage.

The price of Apple’s new iPod touch is $229 whereas the last generation of iPod touches with a rear facing camera and 32GB of storage cost $299. The new iPod touch still has the same form factor of 6mm thick. Apple has said that the new iPod touch is replacing the fourth-generation iPod touch, they also said that at least half of all iPods the company sells are iPod touches.

Apple has not released the sales figures for the holidays but a recent Nielsen report said that 36% of all surveyed children wanted a iPod touch for Christmas. Apple has reported that last quarter they have sold 5.6 million iPods, the iPod devision has done better in recent years.

Source: Mashable

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