Apple Rumoured to Ship iWatch in May 2014

iWatch There have been rumours floating around that Apple will be releasing or at least announcing it’s take on the smart watch next year in May, Apples watch has been dubbed by some sites as the “iWatch” following the trend of there other products. Some analysts say that the release will of the iWatch will not be until the end of the year and production will start half way through 2014.

According to various rumours sites the display on the device will be 1.5 to 2inches large. The watch is most likely to interact with your iOS devices and will be very useful for runners and cyclist who have been using this sort of technology for quite a while. Also like the pebble watch you will be able to receive text messages and notifications from your iPhone.

There have been many mock-ups of what an iWatch would look like but none of them illustrate anything that Apple would actually do that would attract the masses. I think like the iPod Nano range the iWatch would come in multiple colours, instead of the stainless steal look that a large portion of the mock-ups sport.

Apple have patented ideas of a slap band like watch that would just wrap around your wrist instead of being tided, but then again they have patented some technologies that they are yet to use or are obsolete.

Source – Mashable