Apple is looking to introduce a 12.9″ iPad Maxi in the first half of next year.

ipadApple has always been in forefront when it has come to tablets. We keep on seeing new models released by them. Earlier when Apple introduced its iPad 9.7 they thought it was just the perfect size for a screen, later they released a smaller size with 7.9” screen. So we have seen pretty much fluctuations going on.

Aaccording to the Korean site EtNews, Apple is now working with a much much larger screen having a display of 12.9” to go with their upcoming iPad and will be called “ iPad Maxi”. According to the sources the Apple is on talking terms with the Korean display suppliers for necessary components required to launch the new iPad expected to release early next year.

Apple’s latest tablet would come in competition with the 13” laptops in the market until this big sized screen is not presented by some other company offering comparable screen, quality device, improved battery life and last but not the least its portability.

Since we all know for a fact that the tablet market will already be over taking the note book market by the end of this year. So we guess it’s just the right time for Apple to introduce its 12.9” iPad in post-pc world. The device is expected to target the educational market and digital textbooks which would definitely look awesome on bigger screen.

Surprisingly Apple’s highest grossing iPad is not the one with the larger screen but it’s the iPad mini which is stealing the market. Still it raises a question in mind that why would Apple go for a 12.9” inch screen, probably as mentioned earlier it will a competitor to the notebook market.

The previous track record of the Korean site regarding Apple rumors is not very good however we cannot completely rule out the idea of a 12.9 inches tablet from a company which has always been the trend setter in the technology world.

Recently the site also hinted about the use of finger print readers in the upcoming iPhone 5S.


Source: Macrumors

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    WAY too big. Max should be around 11.5 inches, unless of course, you plan on hanging it on the bathroom wall.

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