Android Dominates US Smartphone Market For First Quarter Of 2013

The recently released comScore report for the first quarter of this year showed the Android platform still continuing to dominate the US market. Android accounted for 52 percent of the operating system used which is slightly lower compared to its fourth quarter result last year which is 53.4 percent.

The rest of the market was occupied by iOS, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Symbian. Apple’s iOS jumped to 39 percent up from 2.7 percent compared to last quarter’s results. BlackBerry went down to having 5.2 percent market share. Symbian also went down slightly while Microsoft had small gains.


Although the Android operating system holds the top spot in the US market it is Apple that continues to dominate in terms of manufacturer market share. The company has a 39 percent hold on the market. Android manufacturers are following behind Apple’s lead with Samsung capturing 21.7 percent of the market, HTC with 9 percent, Motorola with 8.5 percent and LG with 6.8 percent.


The first quarter results do not include the major releases of Android manufacturers such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. It is expected that the data for Android will improve once the second quarter data will be compiled.

via comscore

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