Amazon Takes One Notch Up in Its Smartphone Ambition


There is no official confirmation yet about the much rumored Amazon smartphone. However, there are just too many indications from the company now about their ambition to release one according to TechCrunch.

First, the company just announced that they will be selling two-higher end versions of their tablets, namely the Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch, in around 170 countries of the globe. In addition, they have expanded their Amazon Appstore in about 200 countries.

Then, a few hours ago, the company just announced that they will be accepting pre-orders for their products in 170 countries. They stated that the shipping for the orders will start on June 13. The tablets will be priced $214 and $218 respectively.

The Amazon Appstore is home to a lot of Android-based programs. But it is only available to a few locations like the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Japan and China. According to the source, Brazil will be next in line and the others will follow soon.

Reason for the Expansion

The move is a way to introduce their platform on a worldwide scale said the report. This is to entice more developers into adapting them. Aside from the promise of gathering many customers to their products, Amazon added into the mix more incentives to users and developers alike such as in-app payments and subscriptions.

Amazon Coins, the company’s virtual currency was also introduced to provide developers a flexible way of earning cash.

A Dry Run

In a related report from BGR, the global introduction of the Amazon tablets is a clear indication that the company is performing a dry run for their future products. They are actually looking how customers will accept their products. So, if the reception will be warm enough and they start creating more demand for their brand, they might consider following up the trend with their new smartphones.

Source: TechCrunch and BGR

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