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Alleged Google X Phone Pictures with Unusual Motorola Logo Surface

Just a few hours ago, pictures of a phone purported to be a handset made by Motorola with AT&T branding surfaced.  From the look of things, this could be the much talked about Google X Phone made by Motorola based on the possible specs and design of the phone.  Besides, we are not really expecting Motorola to develop any other flagship smartphone at the moment but the X Phone, which Google may be preparing to unveil during their 2013 I/O.

Google X Phone

We know X Phone is coming… that’s all we are sure about

Google’s Larry Page in March confirmed that Google was indeed working on a new smartphone that is expected to shake things up in the smartphone market.  While almost all rumors point to a mid-range Android smartphone with decent specs, Google may have put focus on creating a very customizable phone that will appeal to both experienced and beginner Android and Smartphone users in general.  The images, which were leaked by @evleaks, a known and reliable leaks site, shows a phone that is very similar to what we had seen online a couple of weeks back on , a Vietnam site – a Nexus-like Motorola handset.

X Phone

These new images tell us that the alleged X Phone actually has a queer Motorola Logo on the top left corner and will be coming to AT&T because it has AT&T branding.  Another detail that the images show is that the X Phone will be a 4G capable phone but we cannot tell so much more because the phone whose pictures were snapped had a protective black case that may have been deliberately used to hide the appearance of the phone.

Phone Model is ‘XFON ATT’

Through their Twitter account, @evleaks posted another photo that shows the back side of the alleged X Phone.  Though blurry, we can make out the XFone printed on it.  @evleaks posted that the phone is a model ‘XFON ATT’.  Based on the most recent rumors, the X Phone will be launching exclusively on AT&T in the US sometime in August but it will come to other carriers and unlocked later in the year.

X Phone Back

Queer Motorola Logo

The Motorola Logo on the top left corner of the device is different from the standard Motorola logos we have seen on phones and other devices.  It is made up of dots and curved line and they do not all look the same.  The logo could be an active button or a special purpose key or is the company going to re-brand during the Google I/O?  For now we just have to wonder.  The images leaked earlier also have a queer Motorola logo on closer inspection (different symbol arrangements).  Another image you may have seen already on a video posted in March by is clearer and is very much like the phone pictured by @evleaks, complete with the unusual Motorola logo on the front and back of the device.

These are just rumors, and you should take them so.  Check back for something solid or new rumors or speculations, we post them when we come across them.

Sources: Android Community and @evleaks

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