Adobe Acquires Ideacodes


Adobe has acquired a company by the name of Ideacodes, this acquisition makes it the third design focused acquisition that Adobe has made in the past six months. Adobe announce their new acquisition on Tuesday, the company will join Adobe’s Creative Cloud team. Adobe is moving from their old business model of selling packaged software to selling their creative suite through a subscription in the cloud, this will also open up cloud syncing for your files.

There has been no information on how much Adobe spent acquiring Ideacodes but we can speculate that it will be a few hundred million, Adobe spent $150 million on acquiring Behance back in December of 2012. Adobe have been integrating there last to purchases in to the company. There have been worries expressed by creators that the subscription model will effect everyday consumer creators, but Adobe needed to incorporate the cloud in someway so they would not be left behind.

The acquisitions that Adobe has been making show that they are trying to stay on top for as long as they can, unchallenged. The move to the cloud will elongate their time at the top spot and as long as they keep innovating and changing their products for the better they will stay at the top spot for the foreseeable future.

Source – Gigaom