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Acer’s latest teaser video gives a sneek peek at some upcoming tablets from Computex

Acer is all set to unveil some new tablets at Computex on June 3rd. Acer has always been the underdog in the tablet market, with competitors like Asus having a much larger share in the industry. However, the company has no plans to give up. Acer has always tried to focus on the budget tablet category and in their latest teaser video on YouTube; the company assures that they have something in store for us at Computex 2013.

acer tablets

The video shows off a studio where their spokesperson is taking a break from the Acer Aspire R7 product film. Then he goes off to tell us that Acer’s new tablets will be the ‘biggest little news’ of the event. So the tablets are going to be budget that’s for sure. Further he adds that these tablets will let users do more than just use apps and surf the web.

Well, we don’t know what ‘lets you do more than use apps and surf the web’ means as of now, but June 3rd isn’t far off, so we will patiently wait.

Take a look at the video shown below.

We know that Asus has some big plans for Computex this year and now, Acer will also join the party. It would be interesting to see whether any of them ditches android for their latest tablets, but given the popularity of android and the amount of apps on the platform, we think that a firefox tablet or a windows tablet is highly unlikely.

So what do you think? Can Acer make a better product than Asus?

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