Acer to Announce a PC Running on Android ‘in Coming Months’

The sales of PCs, both desktop and laptops, have been on the decline ever since tablets, particularly Android tablets, started becoming more and more common in the workplace, homes and schools.  As many predict that the end of the PC is nigh, it seems that this end is coming sooner than anticipated as Acer leads the way with the first direct replacement of the traditional PC.  Acer is planning to release a device that is a hybrid of the PC and an Android tablet – a PC that will run on Android – within a couple of months according to CNET.


The new device will be powered by Intel’s fourth generation processor Haswell and will be launched in just a couple of days but may not be available for end users for a couple of months.  The Acer AiO All-in-One PC is set to blur the line between mobile computing devices and personal computers with its sleek design and an impressive 3 GHz Core i5 processor from the leading manufacturer of PC processor Intel.  It combines this raw power with the simplicity and lightweight of Android operating system that runs mainly on smartphones and tablets.

Acer is gambling big on this device and if it receives a warm reception among the end users, then the company may make a killing bridging the gap between mobile computing and traditional PC power.  Digital Trends attributes the development of this new device to the poor performance of Microsoft’s newest operating system Windows 8 which despite enormous changes and improvements from windows 7 was not received as well as users received windows largely due to the interface overhaul.

Acer’s Android PC also comes cheaper than most would expect – it is expected to retail for just $400.  However, because of its low cost development and because of the hardware specifications, this device may not appeal to everyone.  It has just 1 GB of RAM and may have internal storage less than most mid-range and high end smartphones of just 8 GB.  Despite the high performance processor, this AiO gadget may not be cut to perform any spectacular tasks and it is not clear just what Acer intended it for, besides testing the waters in the market.  Based on these specifications, the best it can be used for is browsing the internet and performing basic word processing but if you do other demanding tasks such as video editing and playing high graphics games then this is not a machine for you.

For now, we just have to appreciate this device as a gateway to a whole new form of computing and Android-PC merger and wait to see what other similar devices may appear in the near future.


Source: CNET