Acer says “no value” in Windows RT tablets now

Acer President Jim Wong

Acer is currently focusing on Windows 8 and Android tablets, and the company wants to wait for the next version of Windows RT to start manufacturing Windows RT tablets. “The plan for an RT tablet is ongoing,” said Acer President Jim Wong in an interview Friday at a company event in New York. “To be honest, there’s no value doing the current version of RT,” Wong said.

Windows RT tablets are not doing as expected in the market. The demand for Windows RT tablets is very less when compared to the Apple iPad and the vast range of Android tablets. Acer being one of the major manufacturers of Android tablets, the company has a good experience in the tablet market.

Wong said that the demand for Windows 8 tablets may increase in the second half of the year, as compared to the first quarter. Also, he said that 25 per cent of the tablet business of the company is expected to come from Windows 8 tablets in the second half of the year. “We believe Windows 8 has some more chances. That’s why we continue to invest in Windows 8 tablets,” Wong said.

Source: Cite World