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Acer intros Aspire R7

accerThe laptop industry has become very advanced. Companies have produced some of the finest laptops. This article is about yet another article introduced by Acer, one of the major competitors in the respective industry. Acer has introduced a laptop, known as the Aspire R7 with one of the most amazing features, an adjustable screen.

Now users can work on their laptop and adjust the screen in accordance with their usability and convenience. The screen will be placed on the Ezel Hinge connected to the main body. This hinge will enable the screen of the laptop to become absolutely flat when pushed to its extreme. This option is especially suited to those users who have to give a lot of presentations.

To introduce this latest laptop, Acer invited reporters from far flung places. So yes, it was very obvious that the company is coming up with something different, something truly amazing. It is believed that the price of the new Acer laptop will be around $1000 and it is expected to become available in the market by the 14th of May.

Although customers will be kept waiting until then but the laptop will certainly be worth the wait. It will be available online on America’s No.1 online electronics selling website, Best-Buy.

The R7 will feature Core i-7 and Core i-5 processors, giving its customers the option to choose from either. The screen size will be about 15.6 inches, and with the option of adjusting the screen, this is a pretty fine size. The display resolution will be 1080p (Full HD), something very typical for the new upcoming laptops. The weight of the notebook is believed to be around 5.5 pounds.

The new R7 is said to combine, desktop, notebook and tablet into one. So Acer has come up with a all in one package at a pretty reasonable price. The officials also said that the R7 will feature a volume control button.


Source: Engadget

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