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A Video of How Windows Phone Sparks Interest On A Global Scale

Google may be a huge competitor of Microsoft but thanks to their awesome tool like Google Trends, we were able to see how the Windows Phone has sparked the interest of people globally. In the video we have here, you will actually see how the sphere of influence of Microsoft’s flagship smartphone has spread viral over the span of a year. The spread of interest was studied in terms of search volume which definitely gave out surprising results.


From the yearlong data, Finland scored the highest search volume. The interest of the people in Windows Phone is actually at its peak with a consistent 100 figure. This is closely followed by Ghana at 94.

The scores of the other countries are the following:

  • India has 70.
  • Italy has 60.
  • Germany has 58.
  • Czech Republic has 60.
  • Poland has 55.
  • Mexico, Nepal and Estonia each has 53.

It should be noted that the United States figures only displayed 34.

The Fluctuations

You may have noticed that the numbers seem to fluctuate. Sometimes, the interest of a region is intensified and it also enters a diminishing stage. The rise and fall may be attributed to the introduction of a new phone in the area or an entry of a competitor’s new product.

Source: WMPoweruser

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