256GB Storage option for Microsoft Surface Pro when it hits the Japanese Market in June

Microsoft Surface Pro tablet

Microsoft is debuting for the first time a 256GB version of the Surface Pro, this new storage option will hit Japan June 7. Previously the device was only available in the 64 and 128GB versions, the device is also running Windows 8 and all storage options are solid state drives for optimum performance.

The larger storage capacity allows Microsoft to compete against the against Apple since the iPad’s storage only goes up to 64GB and the Macbook Air has a customization option to add 512GB of solid state storage. There is no specific release date set for when the new storage option will hit other markets such as the U.S. and Europe.

This spec bump could take a lot of people from the conventional laptop market, because the storage option is 256GB it will appeal to a lot of casual laptop users that want something to store all of their media. This spec bump could also be seen as a fleeting attempt to sell more units, sales figures in March illustrated that the Surface hasn’t even broken 500,000 devices shipped at this point in its retail life.

The storage bump could be the last time Microsoft invests major resources in to the device  since Samsung are unveiling a new line of Windows based mobile devices, it is rumoured that Microsoft themselves are releasing new devices under a new brand.

Source – TechCrunch