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ZTE celebrates its 500 millionth handset on the 15th anniversary of its terminal division


You must have heard about ZTE, one of the famous Chinese manufacturers and recently we have to come to know that this Chinese manufacturer achieved a feat that only the top manufacturers in the world can boasts of .i.e. manufacturing 500 million handsets.

With this feat ZTE also becomes the first Chinese manufacturer to manufacture over a 500 million handsets. This achievement comes at a time when the company is celebrating its 15th anniversary of its terminal division and the company announced this along with some of its future strategies in the anniversary event held in Beijing.

ZTE grand


We don’t get to hear much about the company’s strategies and plans and luckily in this event ZTE’s Chairman Mr. Hou Weigui along with the company’s executive Vice President Mr. He Shiyou gave some details about the company’s future plans.

Typically, we have seen the company focusing their mobile handsets in their home country itself, however the Chairman points out that the company is planning to launch their two feature handsets, ZTE Grand S and Grand Memo in the international market soon.

ZTE’s Grand S seemed to impress a lot of people when it was launched in CES earlier this year. The 5 inch 1080p device along with the Snapdragon 800 processor was a formidable competitor in the market and with this specs it could easily compete with high end smartphones like Xperia Z and Galaxy S4. The Grand Memo was a phone made to compete with the famous galaxy Note and anyone looking for a large real estate (5.7 inch to be precise) should have a look at this device. At that point we had no idea whether they would come to the US market, but with this announcement we are happy that consumers will have one more device to consider when they go out to buy a new smartphone.

Along with its plan for an international release, the chairman further added that the company was looking forward to upgrade their brand and build brand equity in the market. The company will mainly focus on boutique devices and for this purpose it will makes sure that its mobile phone department receives full resources and support from the company.

He also adds that the company’s long term plan is to upgrade itself to the high end market and to establish itself as one of the top 3 companies in the global market. ZTE already has a strategic position in the world LTE market and it can really use this position to drive itself to the top three positions.

Although it took over 10 years for the company to reach the 100 million mark, the company reached the 500 million mark in just 5 years. Pretty great achievement we would say and with the company having partnerships with a number of leading technology companies like Qualcomm, Google, Microsoft, we are sure that it won’t be that hard for ZTE to make it to the top 3 position in the world market.

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