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Yahoo has announced a change in its business strategy, they are changing it up to try and keep up with the rest of the internet in this the age of mobile. The core products that Yahoo will continue to focus on including mail and weather apps.

The products that are for the chopping block include Upcoming, Deals, SMS alerts, Yahoo Kids and older versions of its email and messenger apps. This renders the Yahoo as a new slimmed down and less cluttered site the new slimmed down Yahoo allows them to make a dozen high quality mobile apps.

Jay Rossiter, executive vice president of platforms at Yahoo said yesterday [19th April] “We realize that change is hard, but by making tough decisions like these we can focus our energy on building beautiful products.”

Earlier this week Yahoo unveiled the new Yahoo mail app optimised for tablets that allows you to manage your inbox by swiping messages into groups set up by the sender, they also unveils an app for checking the weather forecast via Yahoo on your smartphone.

The move to mobile seems like a promising move for Yahoo; the company grew to more than 300 million mobile users by the end of the first fiscal quater of 2013 from 200 million users at the end of 2012. The growth in mobile users came from investment in mobile apps such as Flickr as well as the migration of web users to mobile users.

Yahoo will shutdown the services that are on its hit list on April 30th. Is this the start of a painful death for Yahoo, they’re cutting back on everything that we associate with them like being jack of all trades, having literally every section that you could want from a news/ search/ mail site. The restrategizing could be the assent of Yahoo back into the big leagues to compete in the mobile space.

The bigger apps such as search and maps don’t perform as well as Yahoo’s mobile apps, which is why the move to mobile is logical for them; they are taking talent and man power from the bigger projects that take a lot more people but don’t deliver the users. The staff inside of yahoo are being moved around so they can produce mobile apps with great functionality with impecable quality. Marissa Mayer CEO of Yahoo as soon as she took charge of the company she was not interested in locking horns with Google the search giant and Mayers former employer.

Source – Techcrunch

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