Yahoo! News comes with Summly natural language

Yahoo! News

Yahoo! News has just sprouted on the iOS store and looks a lot like the app Yahoo just bought a few weeks ago, called Summly. Summly had natural language processing to make articles shorter, for people who enjoy quick to read summaries.

Summly was bought by Yahoo for $30 million and became the sixth mobile startup acquired since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO. The company is starting to become more mobile focused and trying to remove the clutter built from a decade of Yahoo.

Yahoo! News keeps the natural language processing and we can now see why the deal with Summly was made, not for the young mobile team, but for D’Aloisio’s original algorithm and SRI International help.

Yahoo! Weather for iOS was just released last week and has gained a lot of positive reviews. The app is praised for being simple to use but also beautifully designed, with an excellent user experience.

This may be the start of Yahoo’s move to really impressive and simple mobile apps – the company is trying to transform the vast amount of average apps with poor UIs to a small number of apps with really incredible UIs.

Currently, both Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Weather are only on the iOS platform, because both have full screen images, it may be hard to implement these onto larger screens with tearing, which Android will bring with multiple sized screens.

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