Yahoo! Messenger on feature phones to be shut down on April 30th

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Yahoo! has been introducing the business end of an axe to many of its old products since last year. The credit for this goes to the company’s new CEO, ex Google employee, Marissa Mayer. The new CEO has been axing products from the company which are not being used widely. And there were many such products from Yahoo! Already a lot of such products have been terminated by the company, which include the public chat rooms, the avatars used in the Yahoo! Messenger service, and many more.

The new CEO has also introduced new rules across the company, such as no more working from home for each and every Yahoo! employee. This was actually one of the attractions for joining the company for many people. But a few months back, the company withdrew the benefit and this gave a chance for the employees to complain because they were living in different cities and working from home. But after this rule was initiated, they had to move to the cities where their Yahoo! offices were.

Anyway, according to the new report which has been reported late last night, the company is axing a few more products. One important product on the new list, which I know people still use is the Yahoo! Messenger for feature phones, which is based on the Java J2ME platform. I see people around me still using this app on their feature phones. The complete list of products being terminated this time includes Upcoming, Yahoo! Deals, Yahoo! SMS Alerts, Yahoo! Kids, Yahoo! Mail and Messenger feature phone (J2ME) apps and older versions of Yahoo! Mail.

The company will be focusing more on smart phone and tablet apps which users will be using in their daily life. But products such as the ones listed above are not so important that they will be used everyday. The company already has beautiful apps such as the new Yahoo! Mail for iPad and Android tablets, and the new Yahoo! Weather for iPad. Well, we will just have to wait and see what the CEO will come up with next.

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