Yahoo and Apple are said to be in talks for deeper iPhone integration

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You may not know this, but Yahoo and Apple have a business deal already, and some of Yahoo’s data is going on to Apple devices. For example, one of the world’s most popular smart phones, the iPhone, gets its finance and weather data from Yahoo’s services. And also, the voice activated virtual assistant on the iPhone, Siri, get all the sports stats from Yahoo’s service. Now, according to rumors, the companies are working on increasing the integration of Yahoo services on the iPhone to reduce the reliance Apple has on Google. The Wall Street Journal writes:

Apps powered by data from Yahoo Finance and Yahoo’s weather site already come preloaded on iPhones. Some Yahoo data, such as sports stats, help power Apple’s voice-activated “assistant” Siri.

But the companies are discussing new arrangements, including possible deals to get more content from Yahoo News and its other Web properties loaded onto Apple devices or available through an expanded Siri partnership, one of these people said.

The report also mentions that Yahoo Search could become the next default search engine on the iPhones, Google Search is the default search engine on the iPhone now. This will reduce the reliance that the Cupertino tech giant has on the Mountain View search giant. But this looks like a very distant chance. This is because Yahoo Search is depending on the Bing, which is a search engine from the Redmond tech giant, Microsoft.

Yahoo has signed a deal way back in 2009 with Microsoft for a ten year search partnership. So having Yahoo as the default search engine on the iPhone would essentially mean having Bing as the default search engine, but with a different label and different color themes.

The company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Marissa Mayer, is trying hard to push the deal to completion to increase the presence of the company on mobile devices, but the deal does not seem to be going anywhere.

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