Xperia Phones Gaming To Be Enhanced With PS3 Controller Compatibility

[Photo Source: CNET UK]
[Photo Source: CNET UK]
Sony is planning to take Xperia phones gaming to a whole new level as it can now support wireless PS3 controller, a report on Tech Radar said.

This new feature, which is rumored to be only available for the Xperia SP (although that remains to be verified), will allow Sony handset users to play with games using their PS3 controller. This would mean that there will be no more need for swiping and shaking your smartphones while you play.

Although this can be done before, users would have to root their smartphones to connect the controller to the Xperia phone. This time, Sony made it even easier by just adding this nifty little feature on their smartphones.

To turn it on, users would have to go to the settings tab and turn on the DualShock 3 wireless controller setup wizard. This will guide you in setting up your controller, so that it can be compatible with your Xperia smartphone. For the first-time setup, users would need a USB-to-USB mini cable and a USB On-The-Go handy cable.

Once the initial connection has been made, there is no more need to go through it again the next time the controller needs to be connected to the smartphone. It can connect through Bluetooth, and it can be turned on and off by merely pressing the PS button.

All about Games

Everyone is focused on the upcoming Playstation 4 and the Playstation Vita. However, most people also forgot that Sony Xperia hosts a wide range of games that highlight the smartphone’s amazing processor speed and operation.

The compatibility of the Playstation 3 controller to Xperia smartphones matched the company’s aim to make the brand relevant and significant. Although even with this new move, I am not sure consumers will be increasingly attracted by the idea of Xperia phones gaming.

Compatibility with Android

It seems to be made for more than just the Sony Xperia SP, but sources have revealed that the compatibility with a Playstation controller will just happen with the SP. Of course, there is a sentiment that Sony must also include Xperia Z and Xperia T, but it remains to be seen if the company can grant this.

Tom Randall, the one who tested the feature on YouTube, said that there is no word from Sony if it plans to open up the controller’s compatibility with other Xperia phones. He remains optimistic though that as soon as Sony can see how much interest is being thrown to this functionality, it would also decide to make other Xperia smartphones compatible with the Playstation 3 controller.

Effects on Profit

The smartphone’s ability to connect with a PS3 controller is great but it might not be the smartest move for the company right now. Sure, there is a slight clamor for that. But I guess people are now looking beyond Xperia phones gaming, and are actually waiting for Sony to come out with something that will truly amaze consumers. So, the company should start featuring more than just enhanced gaming to their new units in order for them to establish themselves on the top of the global competition.

Resources: Techradar and CNET

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