Xbox 720 to come with Windows 8

Xbox 720

The next Xbox reveal date has officially been announced by Microsoft, on May 21. Redmond is preparing a list of special features showing the next generation gaming console, followed by a full rundown of games at E3.

A new rumour has emerged concerning the platform the Xbox will run on, according to a report by WindowsITPro, the new console will run on a similar operating system to “core” Windows 8.

Bringing in Developers

The platform will allow developers to create apps for Xbox without the fees to get a developer console or Xbox code. It will make the Xbox a content ecosystem consisting of lots of apps and services.

Currently, the Xbox Live ecosystem consists of a few video, audio and social applications. Rumours have also said the Xbox will work with a users Cable TV cord, allowing cable on the Xbox.

Xbox 720 Price

Pricing plans have also been added in the WindowsITPro report, stating the cheapest Xbox will come at $299 and the user will sign a two year contract with Microsoft for Xbox Live, at $10 a month.

The Xbox Live GOLD membership will come back and we expected this from the start, it has been one of Microsoft’s most profitable features on the Xbox console.

If users want to purchase the Xbox without the two year agreement, it will come at $499. This would trump the idea Xbox needs to be always on, if they are offering an Xbox without online opportunities.

Always On

Of course, Microsoft could implement the Xbox to need an internet connection, even if the user doesn’t have an Xbox Live account. This way, Microsoft can easily stop piracy on games from happening, even though this is pretty low on consoles.

Xbox has lost a lot of hype over the “always on” idea, with Sony’s PS4 taking the lead on many gaming polls on what console would you rather buy.

Source: BGR

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