Xbox 720 Release Date Finally Revealed By Microsoft

invitation xbox 720 unveiling
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The much-awaited Xbox 720 release date is finally revealed by Microsoft. The schedule was posted in their recent invitation which was circulated over the Internet. According to the invitation released by Microsoft, the Xbox 720 team will reveal the next gen console through the Xbox campus in Redmond, Washington at 10:00AM on May 21, 2013. The announcement will come 20 days prior to the E3 in Los Angeles, which is the supposed venue of the event based on past rumors.

The Specs

The Xbox 720 will come with specs that are capable of going head-to-head with the unveiled PS4 said Techradar. However, the source strongly suggests that it will feature less graphics potency.

Here is a breakdown of the latest rumored Xbox 720 features:

1. CPU

The game console will run with an AMD Jaguar-based CPU. It will be capable of operating at 1.6GHz like the PS4. If this is true, it could benefit developers greatly because it will pave way for an easier cross platform development of games.

2. Graphics

The visuals will gain a boost from an upgraded AMD 7000 series graphics. The hardware will be based on the 28nm Graphics Core Next (GCN). The next generation game console will only get 12 processing clusters though because it will only be using the upcoming AMD Radeon 7790 chip.

3. Memory

The news source also claims that Xbox 720 will get around 8GB much like its main competition. But unlike the Sony PS4 which integrates the system and graphics memory together, the Xbox 720 will separate the two.

4. Kinect

One thing is for sure, the new version of the game console will sport an enhanced Kinect, rumored to be the Kinect 2.0. Reports say that Microsoft filed a patent too about its augmented reality which will enable players to project 3D images into the walls and other surfaces of the room for a more realistic gaming experience.

5. Controllers

In spite of the upgrades, the controllers will be nothing new said Techradar. The gaming machine will still retain the much-loved Xbox 360 controller.

6. Blu-ray

There is a debate whether the new Microsoft game console will get the Blu-ray drive or not. But Microsoft, being a member of the HD DVD Promotion group, is likely to include an external HD DVD drive similar to its move with the Xbox 360 added the source.

7. Games

Big titles are expected to debut with the Xbox 720 according to IGN. Among the numerous games revealed by the entertainment site are Ryse, Forza Motorsport 5, Halo 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Dragon Age III, Thief, Doom 4, Assassin’s Creed 4 and The Witcher 3. There are other games slated for release as well that will get the DirectX 11 platform.

Based on the rumored features of Xbox 720 that were revealed so far, it seems that the PS4 is slightly better in terms of gaming performance. Despite the shortcomings of the Xbox 720 vs PS4 in terms of gaming, it makes up for other functions though. The augmented reality system of the new console is an example. Plus, there will be games that will only be exclusively distributed for the Xbox 720.

Take note that all the features speculated here may contain inaccuracies since these are just based on the news going around in various known gaming and tech sites. However, these were well-researched and based only from reputable sources so most of the data are likely to be precise. All the speculations will be cleared out when the Xbox 720 release date arrives.

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