WWDC 2013 sold out in two minutes

WWDC 2013


Anyone saying Apple has lost its touch with fans can just take one look at the title and rethink their ideas. Apple is still one of the most popular companies ever and its events are bigger than life.

WWDC is arguably one of the biggest technology events on the year, with Apple putting on a valiant show for anyone who comes to see. Year on year the company has sold out tickets faster, and this year they sold out in just under two minutes.

Many eager fans jumped onto the website to try and get tickets, but when the clock struck 10 the influx in buyers dropped Apple offline. Some say they tried but were just plain rejected by the servers, unable to cope with the vast amount of potential buyers.

This has happened to Apple before, when the iPhone 5 started pre-orders, the servers went down for a few minutes and many were incapable of purchasing the smartphone.

Previously Apple announced the WWDC dates and then the ticket would immediately go on sale, however, oversees developers have complained this system goes against other time zones.

Apple scheduled the release this time and we doubt many international developers got tickets again. Perhaps Apple should offer “lucky invites” from raffles, to keep everything nice and simple.

WWDC did not even sell out on the first year, but the next it did and the all years after that. Last year it took two hours to sell out the event, now it is down to two minutes.

This is impressive and shows developers, journalists and Apple fans are still loving the company and want to see the events.

Apple recently announced they would not be making any huge steps in the technology world this year, although they do have exciting things planned for 2014. However, we expect the company to add redesigns for all products currently being sold.

Source: Cult of Mac

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