With surprising plans and offers, who will have the last laugh between T-mobile, AT& T, and Virgin Mobile?

It may seem that the last laugh of John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile did not last longer. As no sooner did the carrier announced of its new 4G LTE network, contract-less data plan and new smartphones on the line; it has been bombarded by rival Virgin Mobile who has started to offer $100 and a bait of buying a new smartphone to customers particularly of T-Mobile for switching! The offer though is valid till May 31, 2013.

vir2Now that T-Mobile, the 4th major carrier of USA was trying to focus on AT&T to pull some of its customers to itself with its newest plan; it appears that according to an e-statement released from Virgin Mobile by a representative it appears that the company is all ready to announce again that they have been “talking about saving money with prepaid service since 2002”. Well it is easily understandable that Virgin Mobile which is a fellow prepaid service unit of Sprint Nextel besides Boost Mobile has clearly been rattled by the entire ruckus created by T-Mobile on the contract-less data plan, hence trying to remind the customers of their existence. Sprint too needs to hook its prepaid business as its Nextel operations is on the decline.

Seeing all that T-Mobile was doing in its effort, the way an AT&T representative had commented “Whatever” while talking to CNET; T-Mobile reacted almost in the same manner in case of Virgin Mobile. While giving an interview also with CNET, Andrew Sherrard, the senior vice president of marketing for T-Mobile said, “We’re not worried about it. Between the network, plans, and devices, we feel good about what we’ve got. There’s no need to respond.”

But for us, we will just watch to see who will have the last hooray.


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