Windows Blue, an amalgamation of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8?

More updates from the Microsoft front indicate that Windows Blue is not just an extension to Windows 8 or a service pack but will actually be an integration of Windows and the Windows phone! Interesting new development from Microsoft, a unique offering to stand apart in a market filled with phones and tablets.

win2Tech buffs are very interested in “how” this integration will work. The Windows phone OS and the Windows PC OS share features like the kernel, the interface, networking code and both support cross-platform apps. The big question around Windows Blue is whether it will offer users more features in common or whether Blue is an entirely new project that will replace Windows and the Windows Phone operating systems to offer users an entirely new OS with a new interface, underlying kernel, networking and other new features that run as a standard across all Microsoft devices, whether it is a phone, tablet, phablet, PC or laptop. This throws up more questions than it answers since Microsoft will have to take the device hardware and architecture into account. Phones and tablets have a different architecture compared to a PC. Windows Blue will need to be built to run on any kind of device config. An interesting challenge and a remarkable feat if Microsoft can achieve it!

While Microsoft has decided to keep mum, speculation is on about what this means for the electronics world. Windows 8, Microsoft’s super successful touch OS will be integrated with phones, 7 inch tablets and phablets while Windows Phone 8 will probably hit 7 inch tablets. The challenge is the 10 inch tablets. Windows Blue will be a value adds to this sector as seen by the lack of impact Microsoft’s Surface has had on the market. There is no official notification about when Windows Blue will be released, but we will keep an eye out for developments in this area!

FROM: Extreme Tech

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